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Connie S. Ohio
This is my second order order of Tat B Gone. It is really working. I am telling everyone I know. Please put this on your testimonial page.
Hi. I love your product!!!! I can see it working already……
Allan B., PA
Tat B Gone you should be in every TV commercial. I mean, I was not only lucky to find you online, but that stuff really worked. A miracle!
Jonathan B. San Francisco
Thanks to Tat B Gone I got that teaching job at a prestigious private school. Would not have been possible with my previous tattoo. Sincerely, the “Future Principal”
Beth J. AK.
Dear TBG. I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first, but seeing my tat fading away I am a believer! Now I have hopes that this disfigurement will disappear. Thanks.
Allen, NSW
I thought I was sentenced to live with a mistake made when I was 19. I am now tattoo free just by using Tat B Gone. It was easy and pain free. And best of all that part of my past is gone.
Mike G. Portland, ME
Have to admit, I was a bit unsure about tattoo removal at first. My girlfriend bought me tatbgone for my birthday last November cuz I was sick and tired of looking at my old and faded tattoos. Took me a little while to get into a routine putting the stuff on everyday but man am I glad I did! Each month my tattoos get less and less visible. My girlfriend can’t believe it. Super stuff, well worth it if you wanna get rid of your old tattoos. Thanks!
Clara in Cleveland, Ohio
I’ve been using Tat B Gone for nearly 2 months on 2 tattoos….and yes, the fading is starting. I had a consultation with a doctor who administers laser….$268 per treatment and said that I would need several!!! I couldn’t believe that she said the creams work nicely and said that I might consider if I couldn’t afford the laser. I’m saving a ton of money with your product and likely will have both removed in a lot less time. Thank you,
JD-Germany – US Army, Europe
I’m in the Army living overseas, and on a whim with my best friend, I got some tattoos on my hips. They didn’t turn out evenly, and they show above my jeans, which I hadn’t wanted. I did a lot of research, and the Tattoo Removal Institute sang your praises (over any other method!) I’m so excited to try this and not have to worry about scarring! Thank you so much for providing an easy and affordable way for people like me to get rid of something I ended up regretting!
Jimmy S. from Miami
My grandma invited us; her grand kids on a Caribbean cruise. Yeah great, right? But I did not want her to see that terrible tattoo on my back. Got it faded away on time, she even never noticed there was once a tat on my back!
Lyn (UK)
Hello, I have a tattoo on my arm that I decided that I didn’t want anymore. I have been considering laser treatment for awhile but didn’t want the scarring that it leaves, so kept putting it off month after month. After doing a search on the internet, I found your web site and didn’t look back. I have been using tat b gone for a month and a half now and the colours are starting to fade nicely and the outline is going fuzzy. So thanks to all of you for this great product. I’d recommend this to anyone thinking of removing a tattoo. It truly is amazing. Thanks so much!
Elliott G., Atl.
Being left with a yucky green residue after laser I had about given up hope of ever getting rid of it. I did not want to try acid and chance maybe getting a scar. I tried a well advertised product (from a big marketing company- do not know if I can say the name) only to come away very skeptical of anything. It did not work. Then a new coworker told me about Tat B Gone. At first I was afraid of being burnt again. But finally I decided to take a chance when I got my bonus. WELL I am now a walking salesman for Tat B Gone. No more green mess, no more seeing the past every time I look at my arm. I am so happy I took the chance and ordered Tat B Gone.
Tat B Gone I am so glad I found you. I was thinking of trying a chemical peel. But everything they warn about is worse than my tattoo. I do not want a scar, or to be left with birth mark look-alike from a change of pigment. And the pain they all describe sounded terrible. Anyhow you were the answer to my prayer. No scar and no pain like you said. And now NO TATTOO. I will tell everyone how good it was.
Ann, Dallas, TX
You have a truly amazing product. It has taken me about 6 months to really see results, but I see them. I got a tattoo when I was 17 (practically on my collar bone – not the best place for concealing, especially in the summer!). I am now 27, and I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on laser surgery that left me scarred and still tattooed. Tat B Gone is removing my tattoo painlessly & effectively. I honestly can’t even believe my own eyes. All of the color on my tattoo is completely gone, and now I am just waiting patiently for the outline to completely fade away. You guys should do some TV. advertising for this product, so that more people are aware of it. You can put laser surgeons out of business with this stuff! Thanks you!
John L. Detroit
Hi, my name is Hans and I have been using tatbgone for 2 months, I must say that the product is rather amazing, so far there is some visible fading. Cannot wait to see the end result: a tat which is GONE! Please ship out as soon as possible! I’ve had 11 laser sessions now and it has cost thousands of dollars, and I tried your product before and had some good results and want to try it again.
Ed Corley
For the TBG testimonial page: Just ordered my second 4 month supply. My wife said it would not work, but man is it doing a job. I have sent a friend of mine to you. Thanks.
Marcie C. VT.
I have done a lot of research on the internet and Tat B Gone seems to be the most popular product out of all the tattoo fade away creams.
Leigh McLane
I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I found your Tat B Gone products. I have wanted to get rid of my tattoo for some time now, but I never had the extra money to spend on laser surgery. Your product was the answer to all my problems. It was relatively cheap and painless. Plus my tattoo is hardly noticeable now. I have one month to go on your plan, but I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Thanks again.
Audrey Mc Adams
Thought I would have to wear a sleeved shirt to work for the rest of my life. I’m wearing tank tops now. There is still a little ways to go, but I can cover up what’s left with some tattoo make- up.
Scott Demore
I am finished with my treatment. What a great product. Took about 8 months but my tattoo is gone. Tat B Gone was cheaper, easier, and less painful than any of the other treatments I looked into.